It's Time for Better Instruction

Too many programs are relying upon volunteer coaches and dads to develop their talent. With Illinois Premier the emphasis is on providing consistent, professional instruction while equipping players and coaches to compete with the best in the country.

Why Premier?

  • Experienced Professional Instruction

    Ultimately, the goal is to give all youth ball players an opportunity to become superior on and off the field.  We take pride in our ability to create and execute exciting, skill-building programs.  We are driven to provide all youth and high school players with the best and most inclusive opportunity to experience the highest level of instruction available.

  • Two Spacious, Convenient Locations

    The Illinois Premier Baseball Program features over 65,000 square feet of high quality, turfed areas and enclosed cages throughout three conveniently located training facilities. Facilities are well lit, well maintained and conducive to baseball specific training with high ceilings and open spaces without poles.

  • College Exposure

    Our goal at Illinois Premier is to build a culture that pushes each Player to be the best Student-Athlete they can be. Every player should have an opportunity to play at the collegiate level. Our staffs knowledge and connections to many colleges throughout the country will help the process. Each team will play in exposure tournaments where college scouts will be In attendance.

Coach Youth Baseball with Premier

Illinois Premier Baseball is supported by volunteer coaches at the Youth Program. With Premier, it's a bit different, Youth Coaches are highly supported with professional instruction and instructors present every week. Practice plans and outlines are provided for coaches and most skill development will be directed by professional coaches.