Premier Baseball Car Window Decal

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  • Made of durable high quality white vinyl, made to last for years
  • Measures 7"H x 7"W
  • Takes only minutes to install, yet can be easily removed later
  • Car wash safe
  • Made in USA

Decal Application Instructions:

1. Clean and dry glass surface to remove any dirt or debris before adhering decal

2. Without removing paper backing, rub decal design and letter with credit card edge to ensure lettering securely adhered to backing

3. Peel the decal design from paper backing; gently place decal on glass surface with sticky side to glass

4. Firmly rub decal in place with credit card edge to make sure there is no air trapped under the decal. (The clear transfer tape/paper should still be on to prevent damage.)

5. Finally, gently peel off clear transfer tape/paper and your decal installation is complete